The cooling of new evidence suggests that Johnnie Depp is forcibly abducted by Amber Heard

New photos and evidence have been published that show that Johnnie Depp has been forcibly abused by his ex-wife, Amber Hurd. Depp, who was "canceled" by the audience for "abuse," is in the hands of Amber Hurd, a manipulator and serial abuser.

The last photos show Johnny Depp's face with a huge black bruise and a shot of his finger, half cut. Beware, do not look at them if you are easily feeling weak.

The latest evidence was released when Depp filed a lawsuit against Amber Hurd for $ 50 million of defamation. The case shows that Amber Hurd actually misused while under oath.

Johnny Depp has also presented 87 video surveillance cameras, 17 testimonies (including police officers) and, of course, the previous images.

There is pouring support for Johnny Depp at this time, and many people who accused him of abusing the Amber Heard apologized to social media today.

Amber Hurd had previously been arrested for domestic violence against her partner, Taysa Van Rij, before Johnny Depp. With her allegations of abuse of Depp, she began using the #MeToo movement to raise her career and slander Johnnie Depp, making sure she was mutilated in the industry.

Johnny Depp lives in the hands of an abuser and a manipulator. It is a clear reminder to many that men can also be victims of domestic violence. We're with Johnny Depp!

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